Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bike Day

On Wednesday, March 18, the lower elementary classes got to have "Bike Day!" The back end of my truck was full of bikes as we set off for school. The girls really enjoyed the fun of having bikes at school. Brother Tad roped off the back part of the parking lot and off they went. One student learned the day before how to ride with out training wheels! Oh my what a treat, poor thing ran into a teacher quite humorous! (Especially since it was not me!)

Evening Picnic at the Park

Lat week we also got the opportunity to go on a picnic! We had a lot of fun. You will see from the pictures below that Daddy got to educate the girls on things that happen in the spring. We grabbed some dinner & ate at the park. After a walk in the woods the girls got to play at the park. We were not able to stay long because the older kids were a little wild. One boy jumped from one slide to the other & almost landed on Rachel.

AWANA Grand Prix

Exciting things happened in the Kennedys household last week. We had the annual AWANA Grand Prix last Monday at church! The girls got to draw a design on a piece of paper for Daddy & he got the pleasure of creating their "Masterpiece!"

Hannah decided she wanted a race car!

Elizabeth decided on a bathtub!!!

Rachel wanted a Mary Kay lipstick!!!!!

Elizabeth won a 1st place trophy for design in the Sparks group, and Rachel won 2nd place trophy for design for the Cubbies group! We were very proud of all of the girls! They had a ton of fun making their cars.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally another Post!

Things have been quite busy around here with our family. We have been in the process of making decisions that will best fit our growing family. With much prayer, seeking, and discussion we have come to the conclusion that Home Schooling would be best for our family at this time. I am up between 5 and 5:30, and the girls have to be up by 6 so that we get out of the house in time for school. This year has been a struggle for all of us girls, and we know now that God wants us to be home more. With adding a new baby in the mix I will need a lot of prayer from our friends & family! I am thankful for our school at Lighthouse & I know I will miss some of my students. I do know that my girls will receive the attention they need from me, instead of other children getting all of my energy as they do now.

I am most of all thankful for a Godly husband and how he leads our family. I know that he spent a lot of time in prayer on his own before making this decision. My husband is one of the most patient men that I know, and he is extremely helpful in our house! With out him our home would be in shambles some days. I am thankful that he is understanding of my needs and realizes my physical limits at this time. I only have 15 weeks left until baby arrives. We get out of school 4 weeks before Emily Ruth comes. (I hope she does not come too early!)

Please pray for my energy & patience. By the time school is out I sometimes do not have the energy to help Hannah with her homework. My patience is also thinned out by 3:15. I will try to be better at posting too! I need Robbie to get my photo software added to this computer so I can load pictures of the kids!