Thursday, October 30, 2008

Afternoon Nap Time

I think the best part of the day is nap time! I believe that we should all get to sleep! I have decided that I need a cot to get my nap each day too! Here are a few pictures of my little darlings after they have been awakened from their nap!
Elizabeth and Julia both look like they need a few more hours of sleep!

Rachel never likes to get up! This is an every day occurance with her!!!!

Samantha just vegitates until it is time to line up to go home! She always says she is still very tired!!

Cameron is not always this happy when he wakes up! He is usually laying on his desk like Elisabeth is doing!

Carter had a wild hair day after nap! I bet it took Chere' an hour to get it tamed! HA

JC & Chloe are wide awake! I think Chloe is actually singing "Rise & Shine Lazy Sleepy Head" I sometimes sing this to the kids as I wake them up each day! I love these kids. They are my LIL' DARLINGS!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon Piano Lessons

This was Hannah's week for piano lessons. She did a wonderful job. It was like she had practiced for hours when in reality she only practiced a little! She loves to play & I think she may pick up on it naturally!

Even Julia has a little friend to play with while we are there! We have a lot of fun every Tuesday afternoon. Elizabeth is next week so we will have pictures of her then!

Tuesday: Chapel

Chapel is always a fun day around the school! Brother Andy Folger taught this past Tuesday. He taught on Joshua 6. The walls of Jericho falling.

Brother Andy explaining to the army how they were supposed to walk around Jericho!

The Army walking around Jericho!

We played a game before he taught. Chere' would count to 10 & the kids had to run to any of the four corners. Before she opened her eyes she would say a number & whoever was in that corner was the winner & moved on to the next round.

We also have some singing time!


Hannah is going to finish her book in about 2 weeks! I am so proud of her. What is most amazing is that she retains it! I see now why they say you can form your child by the time they are 5 & by the time they are 8 they won't stray from what you have taught! Their minds are like sponges. Hannah will have Psalm 23 memorized by Monday night along with many other verses!

Elizabeth is doing great also. She has completed a red jewel & almost her first green jewel. She takes a little more work since she does not read as well as Hannah! We try to work with her more often!

Rachel has earned two patches so far. With Cubbies they keep them at the same pace so that the other kids don't feel bad when others pass & they don't. I try to remember they are only 3 & 4 , and don't always understand what is going on!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Brown County State Park

Yesterday, we had a lot of fun going to Brown County! Robbie had the day off so we took the kids to the forrest (as they would say). We walked a couple of trails and went in the nature building.
Robbie talked about Long John Silver's all day long. So we drove a couple of miles into Nashville to find that it is no longer there! The Taco Bell is even gone. He was so disappointed that we looked it up on his Verizon Navigator. The closest one was an hour away! We drove to Columbus & the Navigator took us around the world it seemed to get to 31 in Columbus! Julia was a bear in the restaurant & I think people thought we were horrible parents! I finally took her to the truck where she played until I put her screaming self in her seat!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Doctor Visit

Today we went to the doctor for Julia & Rachel! They each got a perfect bill of health! All four got their flu shots. Elizabeth was crowned the winner! She did not fuss, scream, or kick anyone! The other 3 did not enjoy them at all! I am already having trouble with my nerve with pregnancy so I am going to my cousin Ginny who is a massage therapist today! I am hoping that it helps.

Hannah did tell Dr. Vic that she wants a brother so bad. She asked me to go to the altar with her Sunday night at church & asked me to help her pray for a brother. I explained to her that it is good to ask God for what we want, but I explained that He will give us what He thinks is best for our family! I love that she is sensitive to what God wants & knows that we need to pray & ask for what we want.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First Report Card of the Year!

We received the first report cards yesterday! All of the girls did great! We are very proud of each of them! Robbie took pictures of Hannah & Elizabeth's , but forgot to get a shot of Rachel's! Oh Well! We will catch it next time! Hannah gets a special dinner for her grades! Elizabeth needs to improve in some areas & she will get a special dinner too! We thank God for the teachers He has given each of our girls! They are wonderful with them, and they are teaching them so much about the Lord!

We love AWANA!

Last night we were back at AWANA after a week off for revival. Hannah has been studying on her own & passes 13 sections, (2 complete Red Jewels)! We are so happy. She has just sailed past what we ever dreamed! Elizabeth & Rachel passed sections as well. This is Rachel's first year in Cubbies, and Elizabeth's first year in Sparks. I am so thankful that they love to learn verses about Jesus. God has blessed us with children eager to learn about Him.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Beginnings

This past week we found out that we will be adding a new addition to our family! This new blessing will join us in June! We will be seeing the doctor on Nov. 5, and will be getting an exact due date then! God is so good! We are truly blessed by Him!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Entry

S, I am new at this blogging thing! I just love my Sister-in-Law Rachel's blog page so I decided to start one! I know it will take me some time to learn how to do this, but I will try until I get it how I want it!