Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alabama: Friday

From Lambert's to the beach! Our Friday was a fun filled day! The kid's enjoyed the rolls being thrown at them, and sharing time with their favorite cousins! It is so much fun how all of our kids are the same age group! Rachel and I timed our pregnancies very well! LOL The only one who will not have a cousin twin is Emily! It is great how the kids pair off with each other. Enjoy our pictures.

They had a table big enough for all!

We had to get a picture of this salad!

This is at the souvenir shop! We had to walk in the shark's mouth!

Julia was a little scared to walk in it!

Beach house view

Living Room of Beach house

Chloe & Emily

Part of our beach hike!

What you do not see: Rachel screaming all the way over the hill! She was terrified to go up the hill. The older girls told her she had to watch out for crabs!

How beautiful!

Aaron & Rachel

Emily & I



Julia loved the water!

Julia, Hannah, Chloe, Elizabeth


Justus & Asher


Rachel Smith said...

I may need to just send everyone to your blog from my blog to see these pics. Aaron downloaded them onto our computer, but I can't get the file sent over to my pictures from the kodak share thing. I spent about 45 minutes today trying to figure it out. Sooo.... still no pics on my blog.

Rachel Smith said...

By the way... I love the " We Are Family" :)

Kennedy Family said...

I thought it was perfect!