Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Destination: HOME

Our trip home was uneventful! We did have to travel back over the INFAMOUS bridge! Only Aunt Nola and mom will completely appreciate that one! We did have some great times in our BIG white van! From movies, to singing, to laughing, and yes even some tears were shed;)! Kids travelled pretty well thanks to the invention of the portable DVD player that Daddy hooked up for us! We arrived back home just after 2 in the morning! We slept most of the day Monday!

Julia did not want to go over the bridge!! LOL

Watch out here comes the BRIDGE!!!

WHEW! We made it to the top!

It's all DOWNHILL from here!

Julia & Rachel enjoying a movie! Hannah is in the back.

Watch Out Daddy here we come!

Love It!

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Rachel Smith said...

Funny! Glad you added THE BRIDGE pictures!