Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emily Ruth Kennedy 8 Weeks

It is hard to believe that my baby is 8 weeks old already! We will have her two month check-up tomorrow. I know she has gained weight since she is getting harder to carry in her car seat! What I love most right now is that she will smile at me when she sees me coming to get her. I enjoy every moment I have with her. I thank God daily for my newest child, and the blessing she is to our family. I am also thankful that I get to stay with her each day and see her milestones! No rushing up & down the road this year.

Who needs a superhero when I have my dad! Rachel saw this shirt when we were shopping & I had to have it for Robbie! He is our superhero;)
I just love the look on her face in this picture!

Sleeping while we ate dinner. We got to go out as a family Mon. night! It was too hot in the house to cook.

Mommy & Emily

Smile! This one is my favorite picture!

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