Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alabama Trip!

When we arrived at Aaron & Rachel's we were welcomed by an Alabama rain storm! Wow! The drops started as we were getting out of the van. We made it inside right before the thunder & lightning began! Aaron & Rachel were at church so we settled in and waited for them. As soon as they arrived the fun began! Grandmama began passing out goodies for one & all! Not a child was forgotten. It was a little like Christmas! The following pictures are from the Wednesday night and some from Thursday!

All nine grandchildren decked out in their jammies!

Grandmama & her gifts for all of the kids!

Yes, that is another suitcase of goodies!

Aunt Nola & Rachel
They became great friends on the trip!
Aunt Nola protected her from the cats!

Justus had to try everything on!

Julia with her sunglasses upside down!

More clothes being passed out!

Finally they are all asleep!

Lunch time on Thursday!

Swim time! I was making eclairs while they were having fun!

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